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Mr. Rozzi

We all know Beyonce and Jay-Z but watch out NC has its own power couple in the making with Vanessa Ferguson and Mr. Rozzi. Vanessa Ferguson showcased her vocal talent on NBC’s show The Voice in 2017 and Mr. Rozzi has been involved in the music scene since 87.

Mr. Rozzi’s recent video Let Me Do Mi Thing brings the underground hip hop to life. He delivers his unique subject matter in his verses with ease and smoothness.

But if you think they are one dimensional get ready because they are also working on a short film called HANZ FRANZ from LEMANS. Looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for us in the near future!

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Black Rain NC

When I first heard We Up by Greensboro’s Black Rain NC I was taken back! I was impressed to see such talent I mean the lyrics, flow, beat, and production was very impressive. I seen they released a new video 2 Da Bag and I had to check it out!

2 Da Bag features two more talented artist Redgold and OBG Koola who are also out of Greensboro and the track was produced by NC’s own Beat Grabberz.

You definitely need to check out the new video and keep a close eye on this group as I have a feeling they are about to make some major moves!

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Billie Leigh

Billie Leigh a North Carolina soulful artist/songwriter who is managed by Deep South Enterprise released her new video Jimmy Had A Gun.

Billie’s influence in her song writing comes from the trials, tribulations, and victories that she goes thru on the daily. She describes her style as a mixture of Neo Soul, Alternative, Blues and Soul.

Billie recently collaborated with Blythe Vermilion from San Diego California on an unreleased project called Angel which will be released later this year.

Watch out Apollo Theatre this soulful artist has set her sights on performing one day on your stage. She feels the day she performs on that stage will be the day she has truly made it.

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